Consolidating dispatch police services

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This year’s 15th Annual Digital Counties Survey, conducted by the Center for Digital Government*, brings attention to this work and the IT teams making it all possible.King County, Wash., took first place in the 1,000,000 or more-population category for its strategic approach to regional government IT.Douglas County, Colo., took first place in the 250,000 to 499,999-population category for its aggressive stance in delivering powerful and relevant tools to the hands of their department customers.As Senior IT Manager Craig Vacura explained, the strategy in Douglas County is not so much about pouring money into new technology as it is about building from a good foundation.

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The ever-expanding Internet of Things and new partnerships could soon improve the ability to pinpoint vital service deployments across all county departments, both predictively and reactively.

Rather than the IT team thinking of itself as customer service-oriented, the CIO said they are now considered strategic partners.

“They consider us at every turn, where technology will help, where technology should lay.

Within the larger King County community, meeting the call for greater digital equity and social justice continue to percolate in the minds of leadership and the IT team.

“The expectation is a lot higher and the accountability is a lot higher, which is good, but I wouldn’t say that IT is looked at as, ‘You guys are doing great and don’t need to improve,’" he said.

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