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Zuckerberg, meanwhile, is becoming the boy king of Silicon Valley.If and when Facebook decides to go public, Zuckerberg will become one of the richest men on the planet, and one of the youngest billionaires. 1 in the magazine’s power ranking of the New Establishment, just ahead of Steve Jobs, the leadership of Google, and Rupert Murdoch.Zuckerberg may seem like an over-sharer in the age of over-sharing. Zuckerberg’s business model depends on our shifting notions of privacy, revelation, and sheer self-display.The more that people are willing to put online, the more money his site can make from advertisers.He graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy and attended Harvard University.He’s a fan of the comedian Andy Samberg and counts among his favorite musicians Green Day, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, and Shakira. Zuckerberg cites “Minimalism,” “Revolutions,” and “Eliminating Desire” as interests.

Soon afterward, Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page, “Is there a site that streams the World Cup final online?

Happily for him, and the prospects of his eventual fortune, his business interests align perfectly with his personal philosophy.

In the bio section of his page, Zuckerberg writes simply, “I’m trying to make the world a more open place.”The world, it seems, is responding.

Zuckerberg founded Facebook in his college dorm room six years ago.

Five hundred million people have joined since, and eight hundred and seventy-nine of them are his friends.

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