I want sex mistreess is there anyone

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Then the door opened behind her and Violets voice said, "See Lonia I told you she would be right here just waiting for us." Mother's Owner # 2 by Paladin "Cool", a female voice said behind Olives back. A flash of chrome streaked by her eyes and she fled a cold constriction at her throat. The dark piercing eyes added to the overall sinister effect of the all black attire she wore. No I think I'll call you 'O' just like in that book. I...." Olive began to protest but the girls expression soured and she twisted the flesh harder. O's struggles gradually subsided and Lonia felt the cheeks of the woman at her own pubic bone. She wished the girls had left her labia unlocked so she might rub her clitoris to get the proper effect. Still the girl had ordered her and they would punish her if she did not do it. Then the car lurched right, it then rose up and then down and finally it came to an abrupt stop.....

Silently she got into the house and stole to the drawer where they kept the camera. She set the camera to a burst of shots and squeezed off the whole remaining 20 exposures. They jumped up, turned to the source, all the while they sought to hide themselves. Her lure taken, Violet grabbed Glens arm tight and lead him, now like the poor captive fish he was, out of the store to his wreck of a car. "GLENNN I need to see the images I got on this disk... She had gone over, in her mind, the scene where she got her dopey mother by the short hairs.... When her mother approached her, she took up a position by the mail box.

"I know just the place we can take her for the night." Lonia said, "But first we have to get her 'comfortable.' Come on bitch it is a long ride. You ask permission by saying, 'Can your cunt slave O please speak MISTRESS? (Peeing on command is never easy.) "Hurry up bitch O we haven't got all day." Vi demanded with a snicker. Sheepishly she looked up for approval and saw her daughter Vi had recorded her humiliation with their home video camera. Vi looked up and shook 'yes' with her head to Lonia. I'm ready" Vi said after fumbling to get and position the pliers under the left dangling orb. Then she felt her left labia being distended and then..... Now stand up straight there and lets get started... She was listless at first but the sight of the glass bottle and the command soon had her saying over and over what a slut she was. "Come on Vi let's get her inside and anchored in her proper place before the guests come.." Two pair of hands helped her up after making O clean off the black dummy with her oral sex organ. She was sure it was a room because of the feel of the tiles under her feet.

You got that bitch." Lonia demanded from her overseer position. Mistress" Olive answered miserably to a tug of the choke chain to her delicate throat and the further squeeze of her already hurting right mammary. You'll learn quicker that way." Olive was having a tough time of completing the required task. do such a thing in her life, and before two other women.. SPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Olive did the humiliating task, her young keepers had ordered. She felt the nipples began to stiffen and knew she was having the desire effect. The green stoned rings were now a permanent part of her breasts. While she was laboring over the putrid cylinder she felt someone handling her labia. First the right one and then she felt something metallic squeezing the damp limp flesh. CLINK "O O O O O...." she moaned but went on with her tonguing of the dummy. O was mortified as she saw Vi taping her subservience but the tugging of her labia and jangling pain in her nips convinced her to just do what they wanted. " Lonia informed her, "No matter I'm sure we understand each other now and you will be a good little slave from now on. Now I want to teach you some commands and positions. I think you should show it what a slut you are." Vi quipped, She let go of the tit she had been playing with and withdrew her key from the jeans pocket. Withdrew it and went over to the pile from the bag. Then she went over and whipped her wet hand on O chest and said, "You get excited at the most perverted things don't you, mother? Who knows we may get you a guest show on whore of the week on some pimps tv." She reached down and fed the long black cylinder into her mother's dripping sex. She masturbated for the camera with the large black dildow. You are this close to a 6 ounce douche with the hot sauce you love soo much bitch." Lonia related to the quivering blinded sex slave..

If you're offended by non consensual sex, violence, S&M ... Violet was a rebellious teen and the strains were showing. Quietly he snuck her, by his mom who was watching her soaps, to his room. He pushed the image resolution and the dip's to the limit and after 20 minutes work he had a recognizable rendition of Mrs. There they had two blurry white form coming off the bed and a succession of attempts to hide from the lens. ) Glen stood there, dripping, and watched her leave. As they placed their things in the car Vi demanded the keys to the car. " Olive acquiesced and went meekly to the passenger seat. Vi reached among her purchases and found what she needed. The shiny chrome circles in her hand behind her back. You are stretching it all out of shape." "Vi please" Olive begged but she saw the stubborn streak in her daughter eyes. Besides someone might see me.." "From now on you call me MISTRESS. As for your modesty tell me about it in these pictures..

If you're under age or immature forget the following. Mother's Owner # 1 by Paladin As always she had argued with her mother. He drove erratically all the way to his house and as she kept hold of his right arm, let her come in with him. She rubbed, tit to chest, and even opened her mouth. I'll call you ....later ...." (That promise of hope.... "OK Ma lets go get me some tight jeans and some .... Vi lead her through every store in the mall and bought many outrageously expensive things.

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