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She attended auction sales and, such was her determination to acquire every antique or unusual tool of corporal punishment...

and such was her wealth, that she would outbid anybody for an implement she'd set her heart on.

She possessed the riding crop used by the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo, the cat of nine tails from 'The Bounty', a rattan cane used by a Moghul emperor, a set of leather straps from Han Dynasty China and a bull whip from Commander Cody's wild west show.

Anything distinctive, or with a unique history, she purchased for her collection.

She had built the collection up over many years, having poured through specialist magazines forwarded to her from her favoured bookseller in Drury Lane to seek out new acquisitions to her collection.

She corresponded with collectors from all over the world, arranging for implements to be shipped to her from far-flung parts of the globe.

Each cane was a different length or thickness and had its own balance and weight.

She picked several from the wall to try them out, swishing each one through the air to test how it handled.

" The paddle came crashing down on the brigadier's arse again. "Yet, I know how many of the officer class indulge themselves of chastisement from a strict mistress.

And I have all manner of new dastardly devices to experiment with.

There will be clockwork and steam-powered implements of torment.

She wanted to deliver a severe judicial punishment in keeping with the sentence she had imposed, and to give vent to her genuine annoyance that the brigadier chose futile military service over attending She had a clear vision for the select party of submissive gentlemen she wanted on her airship-a duke, bishop, banker, judge, and a military man.

She had secured the first four from the many men who attended her, only too happy to pay a handsome sum to sponsor the expedition and join her adventure. She opted for a century and had belonged to Emperor Higashiyama.

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