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John Howells, chief executive of Link, said he was determined to keep ATMs open in isolated areas – with operators offered an extra 10p per transaction where necessary.

Banks including RBS and Lloyds want a cut in the fees they pay when their customers use ATMs run by other firms.Indeed, for the past few days Mrs Mills has found herself vilified by men and women, variously described as a gold-digging divorcee and a wily ex-wife who squandered her financial settlement through a series of bad property investments who then had the effrontery to come begging for more.Her ex-husband Graham is certainly no fan of the ruling.Angrily describing her maintenance payments as ‘a meal ticket for life’, he may yet take the ‘unfair’ decision to the Supreme Court, demanding they be stopped altogether.Throughout their long, two-year battle, Mrs Mills, 51, has maintained a dignified silence.

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