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Infamous 'bad' cult-film director/screenwriter Ed Wood, known for one of the worst films ever - Plan 9 From Outer Space (1956), was less known for his dabbling in porn films.In the decade of the 60s (until his death in 1978 at age 54) when he lost investment backing for his projects, Wood turned to writing sexy pulp novels, and to filming short porno 'loops' for coin-operated booths in sex shops.NUDE BEACH DREAMS Join the nudist club of open-minded boys and girls who regularly indulge in naked exposures, sexual partner exchange and self-filming in secret, sunny locations! Presenting totally original, unique and exclusive nudist voyeur photos and videos, all gathered in a generous bunch called Discover the best places for trouble-free outdoor swinging and meet the sweetest open-minded girls who are ready to do anything you can come up with! Beach nudity and explicit action is hunted down all over the best nude beaches of the world!Have you ever wondered about a love story between two men?" It was based on Richard Amory's 1966 pulp novel of the same title about a homosexual relationship in 1870's California, and provided audiences with one of its first serious representations of homosexuality, although the film was campy and amateurish.

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Nudie-cuties always contained the same type of content: bawdy comedy, voyeurism, and soft core sexuality.

This cheap film, made on a budget of ,000 in four days, was the first soft-core (or 'skin-flick') sex film to make a profit - it was a tale about a bachelor with inexplicable X-ray vision who had the power to view women without their clothes.

The hands-on lessons they were taught in the simplistic, weird film involved a coven of witches, simulated sex with painted skulls, topless chanting and spells, and an extended sex scene in a coffin.

Before the 1960s, there were few Hollywood films about lesbians, and the ones that existed were stereotyped, suggestive or cliché-ridden, without any complex character development.

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