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Nearby are the beautiful Grampian Mountains, the picturesque village of Great Western, home of the world famous Great Western Champagne.

Seven other wineries are just a short drive from the city.

European miners retaliated by burning their tents and chasing them from the ground. Seven thousand diggers were on the Canton by the first week in June and hundreds more were on their way from the diggings at Dunolly, Maryborough, Avoca and other fields.

Some walked carrying their swags, some pushed handcarts, and the lucky ones rode.

For the detector operator there is plenty of scope despite the Canton Lead being now beneath the city.

It was to promote the public awareness of the role played by the Chinese in the discovery of gold and the settlement of Ararat that the Ararat Chinese Heritage Society was formed.Although the Chinese had been chased from the field at the beginning, not all of them missed out.Many fortunes were made and shipped back to villages throughout Kwangtung Province and its capital, Canton.Many beautiful old buildings still stand in the city, including the treasury, built to hold the tons of gold won from the diggings.Visitors to the city are well catered for with many hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast establishments in and around the city.

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