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Whisper's tag line is "Express Yourself - Share Secrets - Meet New People." I'm a little confused about how one meets anonymous new people. Whisper is rated 17 by the App store due in part to "Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes." 3.The kettle whistled and Van poured water into the mugs. I was waiting for the new fridge to arrive before I stocked the kitchen, then I just got too busy and forgot. .” Suze’s sentence trailed off as she cut into the date nut bread. They made up a little suite of rooms for us, a bedroom, sitting room and our own bath.” “Nice, still can’t believe you moved out of Dorie’s. Look to your future, girl, and take the plunge.” Suze was right, except one part of Van’s past had changed her future forever. Which by the way, I haven’t bought yet.” “Oh,” Van said. I’m going back to Princeton when my sabbatical is up. “Still a lot of work to do.” “I have no doubt that it will be finished, organized, and looking like a million bucks. Just try to have a little fun while you’re at it.” “I intend to.” Suze her chair back. “I’ve never been around you at Christmas before.” “If I could carry a tune, you’d be amazed. And memoires she managed to ignore all day, began to flit in the shadows.I do have milk and sugar.” “And nary a biscuit in sight,” Suze intoned. I’m in heaven.” “She said I was too skinny.” “It’s just your metabolism. ”I thought maybe it was Chaucer that was getting you down.” “Nah, Medieval misogyny is a walk in the park compared to my mother’s cocktail parties. “Besides, outside of laughing, we have nothing in common. Cool Mom Tech said," If you’ve enabled location services, your whispers can show up in lists of nearby whispers, which increases the possibility that you’re not so anonymous after all." That also makes it easy for whisperers to arrange to meet up, which police say also makes it easier for predators to locate and connect with victims. The app requires a pin to look through the history.This is an example of why parents need their child's user name and password or pin for absolutely everything, and if parents are going to permit tweens and teens to use Whisper or similar apps, it is absolutely essential that they monitor their child's use. Teens and tweens use Whisper to cyberbully other kids.

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